AtWork Personnel staffers have a wide range of interests. Some of us like to travel while others like to stay at home. Some of us love water skiing on the lake while others would rather fish. Some of us enjoy jogging while others prefer to follow joggers in a car with their speakers on full blast playing, “Eye of the Tiger.” Some of us like to play golf while others want to smash golfers over the head with a 5-iron. But we do have one thing in common across the board – we LOVE finding jobs for people! It’s what we do. It’s why we’re here.

So in the spirit of the essence of our business, our post today will be a gigantic listing of jobs across the board. It’s by no means exhaustive, but it will give you an idea of how fast things are beginning to ramp up for us. Even if you aren’t looking for a job yourself, please consider referring your friends and family who may be looking, or even sharing this post with your Facebook friends. Anything that will help us bring good people and good jobs together is a great thing indeed, and will be much appreciated not only by us, but by the people you help.

Abingdon, VA – Order selectors, all shifts, screen-to-hire

Bristol, TN – Chemist, 1st shift, temporary with potential of hire

Bristol, TN – Maintenance workers (experienced), 1st shift, temporary

Bristol, TN – Basic manufacturing positions, all shifts, screen-to-hire

Bristol, TN – Warehouse, 1st shift, screen-to-hire

Bristol, TN – Operator assistant, 1st shift, temporary

Bristol, TN – Bookkeeping/payroll (12 years’ experience required), 1st shift

Bristol, TN – Billing clerk (experience required), screen-to-hire

Bristol, VA – Machinist, 1st or 2nd shift, screen-to-hire

Bristol, VA – Winder, 2nd shift, screen-to-hire

Bristol, VA – Welder, 2nd shift, screen-to-hire

Bristol, VA – Network engineer, 1st shift, screen to hire

Bristol, VA – CNC Operators, 1st or 2nd shift, screen to hire

Bristol, VA – Network engineer

Bulls Gap, TN – Automation Technician, Swing Shift, direct placement

Bulls Gap, TN – Electro-mechanical technician, swing shift, direct placement

Bulls Gap, TN – various industrial positions, all shifts, screen to hire

Erwin, TN – Part-time flat-bed truck drivers, 1st shift, 2-3 days a week

Franklin, TN – Tree service worker w/ CDL – 1st Shift – long term

Greeneville, TN – Machinist, 1st Shift, screen-to-hire

Johnson City, Jonesborough, Gray, Kingsport, and Piney Flats, TN – Fast food swing managers – must be shift flexible – screen to hire

Johnson City, TN – Maintenance/PLC programmer, train on 1st move to 2nd, screen-to-hire

Mascot, TN – Manufacturing supervisor, 2nd shift, direct hire

Mascot, TN – Process/quality engineer, 2nd shift, direct hire

North Charleston, SC – Tree Service Worker w/ CDL – 1st Shift, screen to hire

Piney Flats, TN – Forge workers, must be able to work any shift, screen-to-hire

Piney Flats, TN – Utility worker, must be available any shift, temporary

Piney Flats, TN – Forklift operators, various shifts, temp and screen-to-hire

Piney Flats, TN – Material handlers, 2nd and 3rd shifts, screen-to-hire

Piney Flats, TN – Palletizer, 1st and 2nd shifts, screen-to-hire

Piney Flats, TN – Machine operator, 1st shift, screen-to-hire

Piney Flats, TN – Catcher/machine operator, 2nd shift, screen-to-hire

Rogersville, TN – Bilingual shipping clerk, 1st shift, screen-to-hire

Sevier County, TN – Software developer, 1st shift, screen to hire (salary position)

Sevier County, TN – Cabin Cleaners, 1st Shift, Weekends a MUST, screen to hire, License & Car Insurance Required

Telford, TN – Maintenance tech – 2nd shift, screen-to-hire

And more!!!

If you’ve applied with us in the past, you can update your information online by clicking ‘employee login’ to the right of this page, then entering your username and password. Then contact the office closest to you!

If you have never applied, here’s how:

1.) Click ‘job seeker login’ to the right of this page.

2.) Enter your information, step-by-step. The more information you give us (especially regarding work history, dates of employment, employer contact information, skills, etc.), the easier it will be for us to you help you.

3.) Contact the office closest to you once or twice a week to put yourself on our ‘available’ list.

3 Responses to “Immediate job openings for qualified applicants!!”

  1. ronald lawley

    Hi i was wondering of you had any jobs near the rogersville area factory work ive been sick and am just now ready to look for work again

  2. Charles T. Ray,Jr.

    I am registered with Atwork and am available to work immediately,anytime.anywhere!Thank you for you`re consideration. Charles T. Ray,Jr..

  3. Sandy Kestner

    I have been registered with @WORK for several months and have never been called for work. My son also has not been called and is available for any shift, any work.(Justin Duty)Is there any jobs available ?


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